donderdag 26 september 2013

Busy Fingers Showing Off! #16

To be completely honest with you, I don't know what to do for this week's Link Party.
In terms of featuring someone. I signed in to my Inlinkz dashboard to find out that only 6 projects got one click.
There were more than 60 views for the Link Party in itself, but maybe one or two people clicked to visit someone else's lovely project.
I am sorry if this sounds a bit negative, but I really do hope if you are reading this, dear reader, you will consider visiting another blogger if they link up in this week's Link Party!
So here's what I did, I put number 1 to 6 in the random number generator ( and got number 2.
From the top of my list here is the featured project from this week!

Brooches made by Mie @ Moois van 'M(i)e'

Great project Mie!

A little request from me to you, my dear reader:
Would you please be so kind to link up your beautiful projects or grab a button?
And would you please visit the lovely bloggers who come over here to link up their crafty things?

Thank you so much!

Here are the basic rules for my Busy Fingers Showing Off Party:
Please post the link to your actual blog post, not your homepage. Any project page is allowed, so Flickr/Yahoo Groups/Tumblr, it does not matter as long as it shows a project that has been made by you.
Please follow me on my blog or Facebook and grab the link party button and post it on your website/blog. I will gladly follow you back!
Please visit the two or three links above your link and leave a comment. Let’s party together!
Please no Etsy Stores, advertizing or other link parties.

Let's show the world what you made!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Sorry Barbara, I've been so busy last week, I did'nt find the time to visit blogs at all. The shawl is almost finished. I'm in the last row (the picots). I ran out of yarn and took a simple but matching green for the last two rows as there is a fair going on in the village I buy my yarn. And because the yarn is from my stash I don't even know if there is the same yarn anymore. I'm very pleased how the shawl is turning out ... I hope to be able to finish it tomorrow and take some photographs for you. :-)

    1. It's cool Babajeza, I think everyone is busy. It was a bit of a mmph feeling when I saw that there were so little clicks..... Great news on the shawl. I am eager to see your version!

  2. I don't always go to the blogs in busy fingers, just because I follow most of the blogs that are in these blogposts! The blogs i don't follow visit I, but the blogs I already follow not. (Sorry for my bad english) I really like to read About the finished projects!

    1. It's okay Mandy! Thank you for your comment :) I totally get what you mean. It is probably time for some new blood!

  3. Hallo Barbara, Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik deze keer ook niet heb gekeken naar de blogs. Normaal doe ik dit wel. Dat is net het leuke van een Link-Party: inspiratie opdoen bij andere blogs! Maar ik ben zelf van het haken en deze keer waren er niet veel haakwerkjes te bekijken. Maar voor iemand anders was er misschien wel weer iets leuks bij! Ik vind het super dat je iedere week weer een Link-Party op dit blog zet!
    Groetjes van Renate


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