dinsdag 17 september 2013

It's gettin' colder!


It is starting to feel like Autumn. It is starting to get cold and the rain is pouring and pouring. We had and have very unpredicting weather at the moment!
After a few days of very heavy rain we watched the weather forecasts very very closely and decided Sunday would be the perfect day to go to the Efteling. The Efteling is quite an old themepark (since 1952) and is very fairytale like. The heart of the Efteling is the "Sprookjesbos" which is designed after the drawings of Anton Pieck, a Dutch pencil artist. You can walk in the woods and everywhere there are scenes from Grimm's fairytales. It is very lovely and Little Man really starts to know all the fairytales and after every tale he pointed to the map and told us what tale he wanted to see next. He had a great time! (In the pictures are Hansl and Gretl, Frau Holle and the Frog King).
It was marvelous.
With the temperatures dropping we are playing more indoors and getting a bit cozy. Little Man already cuddles up on the couch with his Lego magazine and a blanket!
The onset of Autumn also makes me look more to winter crochet. Cozy thick yarn projects! I am wondering if I get everything done what I want to do. If so, I am going to do some major stashbusting!


Last but not least I am so happy to say the whole pattern testing of my latest design is coming to an end! I have learned a lot and will let others test my (paid) patterns with pleasure. It is a great thing to do and the Ravelers that are aiding me are very very helpful. I am so pleased.

Have a great evening!

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  1. Love the pictures of the theme park, wouldn't you love to live in a little cottage like that? Its cooling down and nights here too. I am in the mountains of N.Carolina and I am busy on Christmas presents. love Carol

    1. Can you imagine that it's "almost" Christmas/Winter for us crafters? It's nuts isn't it?


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