donderdag 17 mei 2012

The "Weekly" Biology Session: Backyard Birds

Every morning (if I'm at home) and every evening we hear: "Pa-ti, pa-ti, pa-ti". This is the signal that mr. Great tit is sitting on the fence doing his calls to his wife.
The Great Tits in the backyard are busy with making themselves comfortable in our birdhouse. So much fun! They are flying on and off, chattering, twittering and calling. They are also bringing feathers and bushy things into the bird house.

The tits in the frontyard are not showing themselves anymore. Maybe they've already flew out. Or maybe the chicks died. I don't know. These backyard tits are easier to see and hear so hopefully we will enjoy their stay in the birdhouse and see the little chicks fly out. I am really excited about this bird thing!

Yesterday, I went to the pond when Little Lady was taking a nap. Because, and I was very surprised to see this, there were coot chicks in the pond! To tell the whole story, I went to the pond last week with Little Man and there was nothing to see in the nests. Absolutely nothing. There were some eggshells near one nest, but we looked a long time, but no chicks to see. So you can imagine my surprise!

Five coot chicks in total. Mom and Dad were very busy with diving for for food. Hopefully there is enough food and no predators around to see them grow up!

On my way back I also saw these cute little birds. I have to look them up and find out what kind of birds they are!

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