zondag 27 mei 2012

Sunny Sunday

The past few days were very very hot. Too hot to undertake anything special really. On Saturday morning I went to the market with Little Lady and we enjoyed a little breeze, but sitting in the garden in the blistering sun was no fun at all. Both kids are moody and so over this weather. Just a couple of degrees cooler would be perfect!

Normally, Sundays are about sleeping in a bit, doing household chores and go out with the kids, but since tomorrow is a national holiday we did not do every household chore and Big Man decided to go to the movies with his best friend.

I stayed home with the kids and just felt blah about the weather. We did some surviving today. Go out when it was doable, and stayed in at the warmest time of the day.

I am very pleased that I got something done today!

I sorted out and decluttered my stash both upstairs and downstairs. It was a mess! I had my basket full of papers, bags, balls I wasn't working with and there was a bag full of stuff on top of my basket.

Upstairs I sorted everything again. Finally it looks nice. Still, I need some destashing!

At two o' clock it was nice to sit in the garden so I took out the waterplay for the kids and they could play in the shade.

Some plants are flowering, despite the heat. I really like this one, although I do not know what it is...

Our strawberry plants are back again and growing like weed! They have lots of flowers, so hopefully we will have some strawberries soon!

 Í hung the diaper laundry out in the garden. For the first time. Really, I should be ashamed of myself! We had lots of sunshine already since spring, but I never got the chance to hang them outside...

A nice, cool, frozen popsicle.

And I finally got some time to weave in the ends of my mother-in-law's shawl. It is now lying on the spare bed, blocking. I am really really pleased with it. Pattern is almost done, just some tweeking with the lay-out and put some pictures in it. So exciting!

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