woensdag 19 februari 2014

Almost Half Term


~ Almost half term here in the Netherlands, my half term holiday starts Friday!~
~Bijna voorjaarsvakantie! Hier begint hij vrijdag!~

~ My blanket had two septagons... I don't know what happened there! Gladly I fixed it today without too many problems ~
~ Mijn deken had opeens zevenhoeken. Ik heb geen idee wat daar is gebeurd! Gelukkig kon ik het herstellen zonder al te veel problemen ~

~Both the cats and Little Lady decided to have a snooze day. The cats dozed all morning on the bed, and Little Lady fell asleep while reading the completely utterly import Lego catalogus~ 
~ Zowel de katten als het kleine meisje besloten om een dagje te suffen. De katten sliepen de hele ochtend op ons bed en het meisje viel in slaap al lezend in de uber belangrijke Lego catalogus ~

~ My very first knitted socks are officially too small for both my kids, sigh ~
~ Mijn allereerste gebreide sokken zijn officieel te klein voor allebei de kids, snif ~

~And I am thrilled to see my blanket grow bigger!~
~ En ik ben blij blij blij met hoe mijn deken groeit!~

Wishing you all a happy, relaxing half term vacation!

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Your crochet blanket it beautiful. As for the small socks, save them, if you get enough you can make an advent calendar as my German Mother-In-Law did for my boys!


    Have a lovely half term - we're half way through ours :)

  2. Wow, your blanket is lovely! And the socks too. Even if they're too small, you still managed to make your first pair haha! I'm still struggling on distinguishing between the knit and purl... So I think I'll stick to crocheting for a while longer.


    1. Thanks Kirsten, I will cherish these socks forever! :)

  3. Your blanket is looking very pretty and colorful, Barbara!!:)

  4. Your blanket is looking so great, I love the colors! xx

  5. I'm a brand new visitor to your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying what I'm seeing, even after just one post. I love the colors and pattern of the crochet blanket you are working on! It's beautiful!

  6. wat leuk en mooi om zo een deken te haken! En de sokken zijn lief zeg :)


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