vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Wool Week 2013

Almost missed it!
This week is Wool Week, an initiative from the Campaign for Wool. This campaign was started by prince Charles in 2010, when sheep farmers were in trouble because of the low price they got for the wool of their sheep.
This campaign asks for awareness of how nice wool is as a product, calls for attention for designers who work with wool and now there seems to be a Wool School that raises money for education by selling handknit sweaters nationwide.
Wool Week has only one weekend left in the UK ( this weekend) with lots of activities.
You can find more information overe here: http://www.campaignforwool.org/

I was surprised to learn Wool Week crossed the North Sea and has its own branch over here in the Netherlands!
Wool Week in the Netherlands is from the 28th of October until 3rd of November.
You can find more information over here: http://www.campaignforwool.nl/

P.s. Sorry for the non-clickable links! My Ipad does not seem to know how to make a hyperlink in the Blogger app....

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