dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

Birthday Kitchen Time


I had some leftover pears from my sister in law and a quite a bit of apples from our own apple tree this weekend. What to do with it? 
We were going to have visitors on Sunday for Big Man's birthday so I knew I had to bake an oldfashioned apple pie. Easy peasy. It is such a delicious pie, I always make it for Big Man's birthday (here is the recipe, it is in Dutch unfortunately!)
From my sister and brother in law I got an silicon cake shape and I really wanted to make a cake for the kids to decorate but alas...... It collapsed when I turned it over on a rack......
With the pears I made my first ever pear compote (pears cooked with sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon stick and vanilla)!
I was glad two plans out of three turned out okay :)
And since it was raining so much yesterday we were stuck with all the family, two derailed kids who were trying to get attention from everyone at the same time (you probably know what I am talking about :) ), one very unhappy Rover and one hyperactive Mies.
Luckily I could convince Little Man and Little Lady to experiment with making cookie houses. I think it is perfect for a kids' party but I really need to find a good recipe for morter. Creme au beurre doesn't stick very well, although the tutorial advised it!
All in all it was a nice weekend.
How was yours?

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