woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Routines & Crafting

Hi Guys!

I am back at home, but I am sort of in a buzz of decluttering and crafting and taking care of the kids at the moment... This causes blogging to be put at the very bottom of my to-do list....

I had a lovely vacation and as soon I get some more laptop time, I will sift through my pictures and let you enjoy what I have been enjoying for the past two weeks!

After coming home I desperately needed to start digging and decluttering all of my school paperwork and after three (!) mornings of trying to organize things and keeping the kids occupied I am so relieved to say that 99% of it is sorted and put away in binders!


For the first time in years I can just pull out a binder and actually find the tests and exercises in a few seconds.

All of my books are organized as well! It looks so nice. All the piles are gone and everything I did not need is in the paper bin.

Before going on vacation I showed you what I was going to work on. I had quite a bit of crafty fun.

I am working on the gussets of my socks!


The wedding gift is aaaaaaaaaaaaalmost done (check the date! only 7 days to go!). My sister and brother-in-law are tying the knot, and I am so excited for them.


And a new shawl in the making. I am "working" on the border, but since I was completely distracted by both my awesome socks and the wedding gift, I wasn't able to finish this shawl...

O and the baby gift? I haven't started yet and I really really hope the bub is going to stay put for a bit longer.....

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow for the big Link Party!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Organzing...when it's done is one of the best feelings in the world. Way to Go!

    1. It really lifted a weight on my shoulders :) I got rid of kilos of paper!

  2. Well done! Now on to new adventures, crafty-wise. :-)

    1. Absolutely :) I got a lot of new things planned!


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