zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

One Year of Stereo Kitty Purrrrrrrrrrrs


On August 4 2012, we became a two-kitty household for the second time.

In one cage, we had our dear Rover who visited the animal shelter during our vacation, and in the other cage, we had a new one year old shelter kitty that was going to stay with us. We were thrilled!

We were told Rover would not have many problems about accepting a new roommate because he is so social and that the new kitty would fit in in no time because she was used to live with other cats.

Well, that was not how the story started and/or ended.

We had months of fighting, and a very scared new kitty who did not want to come out of our bedroom....

We were quite at our wit's end just before the Christmas holidays and we decided if it would not get better during those two weeks off she had to return to the shelter. I was so sad when we made that decision, but really, it was not a good situation with two cats wrestling with eachother....

Gladly, the story got a unexpected twist!

Over the first few months of 2013 (and probably because I was at home during March and a bit of April) she got adjusted pretty well and became a very cuddly, quirky, mellow cat and a perfect friend for Rover.

Our little Mies is now one year in our home and I would not miss her for the world!

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