woensdag 16 januari 2013


Yesterday, the Netherlands was covered in 16 cm (or about 6 inch) of snow. The whole country went crazy and everywhere traffic was a mess.

It was a normal working day for me, and I already saw how much snow there was so, I pulled my big stroller from the attic, inflated the wheels (the thingis 13 years old and I am still amazed it has not fallen apart) and started ploughing through the soft snow with two kids.

After half an hour I arrived at the house of our day care provider. Little Man absolutely loved the snow and made tons of snowballs and runned back and forth kicking snow around. Normally it is a walk of about ten minutes! I already heard my tram wasn't riding anymore from some other people and I had a call from Big Man that he went home again after about 5 minutes in the car because everything was jammed...

I dropped the kids, tried to call school (no answer) and called a colleague and decided we would give it a try by car and see if we could get to the highway. The idea was to go to school normally, and work!

After 45 minutes, driving very slowly, we were not even close to the highway.... So I called school again, and in the first time I have been working there, the lady from the administration said the school was closed down because of the weather. Absolutely amazing!

So I had to work at home. Really weird. I left the kids at our day care provider and well, started working. And looking outside a lot!


Doesn't it look beautiful?

Rover also wanted to go outside. Sort of....


He did not look very happy, that first walk in the snow! He came inside after about 10 seconds and jumped back on the central heater.....


Mies, being an indoor kitty, thought it was so much fun tohave both me and Big Man at home and play alot, trying to mess up my grading work and well, look a bit outside to the strange white stuff. And be scared of Rover.

In the afternoon I picked up Little Lady at our babysitter and both we went picking up Little Man and her daugther at school.

It looked so lovely!