zondag 25 maart 2012

Colour happy

Spring has arrived and nature is is starting to bloom. Indoors, I needed some more happy coloured items and decoration. Something that made me smile, giddy and just love my home.
Next weekend it is Easter. Last year, due to being very busy with the very little Little Lady,  I did not do anything with Easter, but now I had a urge to buy Easter branches and pull out the decorations!

Little Man loved it. He climbed on top of the table to rearrange all the eggs and was very happy with the results. Little Lady just ooh'ed and aah'ed and was trying to hand us the decorations.

Also, I finally finished my Happy Flower Decoration. I really needed to find the time to stiffen it, decorate it and to get it in the Right Spot of our home.

First of all, I did try the glue thing, but it seems that you can also get the white glue that does not get transparant once it is dried. So I did it the old fashioned way with starch. I could not find any tutorial on the net only a site that said "use AT LEAST double the amount for hand washing" if you wanted to stiffen crochet items. So I did. I used five heaping tablespoons (I probably could have used less) and followed the instructions for handwash.

Here is my Happy Flower, not so happy and a bit wobbly and curly. Aahhh, the magic of blocking and pinning! It is a miracle thing, and just what almost every knit or crochet items needs to become pretty.

All pinned and very wet with stiffener. I let it dry for a couple of days, and it was rock-hard! Exactly what I wanted.

After that, some lovely buttons and beads were added for even more colour!

And here it is, hanging next to a very small window in the kitchen. It really brightes up the kitchen, and when I look at it, it really cheers me up. Spring is in the air!

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