woensdag 16 december 2015

Pick of the Month: Most Wanted Crochet Hooks

Ik kan geen nee zeggen tegen mooie haaknaalden, ik heb serieus soms een kwijlbakje nodig als ik op Etsy rondsnuffel!

Zoek je nog een lief en mooi cadeautje voor een medeha(a)k(st)er? Of voor je geliefde die net iets te obsessief met wolletjes bezig is? HIer een top vijf van de, in mijn ogen, mooiste haaknaalden ooit!


I just can't say no to pretty crochet hooks. I am on a small budget when it comes to buying them, but I tend to save up and buy a hook with a bit more oomph. I like pretty.

So if you are still on the hunt for a crochet-themed Christmas present, have a look at these top 5 picks I have put together! They are exquisite and will delight anyone who loves to crochet.

Handmade Wood Crochet Hook Burnt Orange and Navy Wood size J 
rparishwoodworks makes the most beautiful handturned crochet hooks, some of them with beautiful beaded toppers. I know his work from my longhair days, he also makes hairsticks!

Custom Crochet Hook, QUEEN STYLE, made from exotic wood, ergonomic, made to order, any size, wooden hook, crocheting tool 
I have one of those! It's from Bqueen and I've written a review about this gorgeous hook. 

Furls Odyssey

The Furls Odyssey... I have two of them. Still haven't tested them thoroughly (needed other sizes for my current projects) but I like the shape and the weight of it. It looks very clean and modern! And is it cheaper compared to the Candy Shop or wooden hooks but it promises pain relief and relaxed crochet time.

Hand Turned Laminated Crochet Hook in custom size.  Walnut, Maple and Paduak, Handcrafted Wooden Crochet hook

A new kid in town! At least, to me :) This one is from HookersDelight

Cobalt Blue and Caramel Borosilicate Glass Crochet Hook 6mm

 This is insanely pretty!!!! It is a glass crochet hook from Bendingflowdesigns. It is handblown. I don't know how this would feel, but I would only consider buying it if I would a) not be as clumsy as I am, b) if the kids were older. It is an exquisite design though!

Wat is jouw favoriet?
Weet je misschien nog andere ontwerpers van haaknaalden? Ik zie graag iets origineels!


What is your favorite?
Do you know of other designers/brands with pretty crochet hooks?

Let me know


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