donderdag 27 augustus 2015

Plans, plans, plans (Vlog #1)

Anyhoo, I tried multiple times to add subtitles to my very first vlog for my dear US/English readers, but alas, YouTube just wouldn't cooperate..
I am terribly sorry! Above video is available in Dutch...
So here is a synopsis on what I am rambling about in the video and I will have another try at the subtitles this weekend...
In the upcoming weeks there will be a few tutorials! As usual every other Thursday. I am really looking forward to it!
I am also working on a pattern or two AND I am thinking about the MCAL for this winter. I will use a wintery yarn for the MCAL. I only have to wait until the whole winter '15/'16 has been put on the shelves of my LYS and I just. cannot. wait.
I will be taping more vlogs because I think it is nice to see the face instead of just the hands and the voice. I will be talking about current projects, small hints and tips etc.
And I will be starting to post a few reviews. The past few months I have been putting effort in testing a few crochet products and I will share my experiences.
I hope you will enjoy my posts in the coming weeks and well, have a cuppa and keep an eye on this little spot of the internet!

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